Thoughts On: Schedules


Sort of an odd topic for me to go to after my previous posts. But yes, it’s something that’s on my mind nowadays. I realised it’s something everyone in the world commits to, no matter what they’re doing: work, study and even leisure. Everything always feels so fast, it’s like that cliche you see of someone powering along the sidewalk, clutching a take-out coffee and gabbering away on their phone. People are always in a rush for something, like their schedule is fully booked.

I think it was then I also realised, yeah it most likely is. Most people lead busy and productive lives, they’ve got work to do, mouths to feed or projects to finish. And in-between that they’ve to find the time for personal care such as exercise, resting and a proper diet, not to mention any extra time for leisure and social gatherings. People are busy nowadays, the pace at which things in society occurs is growing constantly. And it’s all very well for me to sit here pointing that out like it’s something that needs addressing or acknowledging, but I can’t say I personally know what it feels like to live such a stressful life. Ever since I was a kid I’ve made sure to always leave a lot of spare time in my life, because I’m both terrible at multitasking and I also get very stressed at the idea of having a full day. Apart from swimming lessons and the occasional temporary projects like fencing or music events I never joined any after-school activities, I’d just prefer to spend the time playing with my toys, or playing with my friends. When I was in my New Zealand high school, I was never one for constant after-school activities, and homework – boy what a chore that was; half of the time I made sure to either do it all during study periods or as soon as I had gotten home, because the thought of my future schedule of nothing being filled up with the prospect of homework was mortifying. This attitude even carried out into my employment, of which I spent the better part of my gap year working part-time; I never really went out of my way to pick up full week shifts through other departments or stores in my area, I was content with the work and money I was on. It was only when there was a shortage of staff to fill in the busy days that I made sure help out, because while I might not have been keen to work heavy hours, I also understood the strain the managers had in needing staff – also the extra money wasn’t bad.

You’re probably reading this now and coming to the conclusion that I’m a privileged, boring and lazy git. I probably am in most people’s eyes. But I guess that’s just the way I am, and it appeared moving across the globe didn’t change that attitude. I’m still like this now, the way my study schedule works for University means I’m gifted a lot of free time. And yes, all of that free time could be spent on a schedule to keep myself busy: I could get started at the gym, join a club, socialise with friends more, go traveling, do extra classes, anything. But as it is I’m content with the way my life is right now, the thought of filling it up on a schedule of hard-out Work, Rest, Play just does not appeal to me in the slightest. It’s the majority opinion that to live a fulfilling life you do what makes you happy, and as it is I find that I’m very happy with my life. So I suppose what I’m saying is, if you find you’re leading a busy life, but you’re not content – step back from that schedule, slow down your life a little bit, maybe pray, reflect or ponder, see how you really want things to be. Just because everyone else is living life at a hundred miles per hour doesn’t mean you have to as well.


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