Thoughts On: Politics


Ah yes, here we are. I’ve gone and chosen a topic nobody likes talking about. It’s the kind of topic that’s usually brought up inquisitively by one in a group, with innocent intentions of course, but soon it begins to devolve into back-and-forth shouting matches, the facts start to get skewed up in your passionate rant about the establishment; things start to get heated, then start to erupt, and only ends when someone bursts in with the can we talk about something else? Or shut up about it for God’s sake it’s driving me up the bloody wall. I’m sure all of you have experienced this. I think it’s important that you do, because no matter what your ideology is, you must come to realise how irrelevant your political bias is in a world as messy as ours. Now, me claiming your political leanings are worthless probably isn’t the best way to start off, but I want to leave you with an idea at the end of this.

Let’s introduce this idea off with a bit of history. The idea of governed communities has existed since the dawn of men; the slow rise of tribes and families into civilized cities, dynasties and orders. Then beyond these premature regimes grew the existence of kingdoms and empires, and from that grew the idea of nationalism and the state. All this drawing into the world we have today. But one thing I’ve noticed since the start, is the necessity of an effective governing body to have enough influence to control the group or community the way they feel has to be done, regardless of the desires of the group or community itself. We saw this the most in ruling figures, especially Kings, who needed absolute power to govern their body the way they knew it had to be done, and yes – as exemplified by many famous historical figures – some, if not many of these absolute holders of power were in fact not as beneficial to the communities they ruled as they themselves thought they were. Even the famous accounts of Ancient Athenian and Roman Democracy must hold down to the historical measures of its structure: that Athenian government was handled by those picked to serve in the Assembly and Council, leaving those without the chance to enter government to be without a voice, and in the case of the Roman Republic much of the Senate were picked from the Patrician high class, leaving much of the population again without influence. This trend of a total governing influence carried on throughout all of history. Even with the rise of modern Democracy, the State was still the one that ruled no matter what promises it made to allow itself to be voted in. This influence to gain and maintain control is the principle factor that separates the governor from the governed.

I know what you’re currently thinking: Oh no, he’s one of these misinformed ‘smash the state’ types. Well, I hope you’ll be glad to know that I’m not. In fact I believe this attitude is a mistake on the part of many when they get to that eventual part in their adolescence where they realise the reality of the situation. And I sympathise with that, I really do; the world of politics is a scary place, even more so in our modern world. We’re living in a time where the face of national hegemony is slowly losing its grip, and the interests of many private institutions offer to take the reigns in propping up their power, and with that comes whole loads of shady dealings and string pulling. And yes, at the end of the day it’s usually the common man and woman that has to deal with the mess they’re being dragged into. It’s a sorry state of affairs. However, I’m offering to you the problem without the solution, as nearly every academic has done throughout the ages. The truth is, I’ve no bloody clue. Some figures thought they did, and so took action to place themselves in power to prove their chance, without realising they’ve placed themselves into the same situations of governing power they once fought against. I won’t call names because you will see this narrative tell it’s own story no matter the context – revolt, revolution, reform: they all swap out the influence of one small governing body for another. But like I said, I don’t know the solution, I think I’ve come to understand the world’s a big messy place, and that nearly all people aren’t sure what do, so those with the drive to herd the flock will jump at that chance.

The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy, or the grey aliens, or the twelve-foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control, the truth is far more frightening; no-one is in control, the world is rudderless. – Alan Moore

Indeed, a scary thought. And it’s something I’ve come to think more about when looking at the developing events that are taking place across our globe: European Financial Crisis’, Islamic Extremists taking advantage of power vacuums, revived tensions between the United States and Russia… It’s all quite mad. All I can say to those who are feeling powerless against such developments: learn more about the political sphere, do your research, don’t take everything at face value, especially from the media, use your initiative to read between the lines. And with that, you may find it a little easier to navigate the craziness.


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