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Well, here it is. I’ve finally made a blog. It has definitely been a long time coming; I remember when Dad said a few years ago, “Why don’t you make a Blog, Scott?” I remember cringing at the thought of me hunched over a laptop, making long winded posts about things only I could’ve cared about. I mean, who the heck would want to read about punk music and computer games written from a sixteen year old? I know I wouldn’t. And yet, here I am: a few years on, sat on the bed in my University dorm room with a laptop on my lap, tikka takking away. I suppose the question is, why?

There’s a few things I think have led me to making one only now. The first is that only now do I feel sightly mature enough to attempt it: we live in a world now where it’s so easy to speak your mind, and share it on platforms able to be seen by hundreds – if not thousands – of people. To me that’s a slightly worrying thing, as nearly everything you say you tend to regret, either because you start to realise what poor taste it was written in, or because you created a squabble from the mildly offended who have nothing more to do than tell you awful and problematic your thoughts are. No, what is problematic, is the fact that these things are written in stone, the internet has a nasty way of keeping onto things you’d long wish was gone. Whether it be embarrassing forum posts from twelve-year-old you, stupid tweets, goofy youtube videos or sub par soundcloud mixtapes, I think most of us might share this sentiment. So with that, I was very reserved in my approach to sharing my valuable opinions on the net; I’ve always liked to write, but even I knew when it was better to keep things to myself. However, I’m twenty years old now, I’ve completed high school with reasonable competency, I’ve worked three years in a retail supermarket of whom a few of my close work colleagues were sad to see me go, and now I’m nearing the end of my first year of University. I’m young and possibly a bit too optimistic, but I think now’s the time to start documenting my thoughts on this big world.

Pen and paper writing? Ha!

High School me – Pen and paper writing? Ha!

Another thing is, I just like writing. I think it’s entertaining, I’ve always been pretty competent at it as well; I remember when I was in primary school, it must have been something like Year 5, our class had to write a poem on the Hare and the Tortoise, and mine was apparently so good they added it to a primary school poetry collection book that was published, I remember the teacher showing me my poem in the book weeks later, I was really chuffed. High school in England however, was a bit of a dark spot for me; I’d basically gotten into the hormonal teenager phase of life: hanging out with mates, being shy and embarrassed around girls, video games, getting angry at my family – writing was basically something I forgot about. I only picked it up in the later stages of my high school year here in New Zealand. Creative writing specifically, I really like the idea of applying the concepts, agonies, joys and ponderings that bubble away in your brain onto paper, like you’re creating a universe onto paper through your own. I found a similar feeling when I was younger, dreaming about wanting to make video games one day, because the thought of being able to exist and play in something I created sounded amazing, but then I came to realise I’m an incompetent programmer and even worse artist. Writing however, was still on the table, and so I started to pursue the literary world, diving first into pulp fiction and surface fantasy, it was good fun. But here I am now, a little more matured both in my personal outlook, and in my literary skill. So what better way to hone that skill than to write blogs?

Lastly, I suppose you could say I’m bored. As it is, I found this year of University left me with a lot of spare time, partly due to the easier work schedule, and also the fact that I’ve been pretty keen on the work and thus been able to complete it relatively fast. Why, I write this just a day after completing two 1,500 – 2,000 word essays that were due the next week. Whether the workload will pick up next year, I’m not sure, but I am sure I will have time to occasionally update this blog, when I feel the time is right to write. I mean, it’s not like I’m the type to spend my Saturday nights out in town; my friend gave me a water gun to squirt noisy drunk students on the road below me for God’s sake.

So, for those who have actually bothered to read this far, thank you. I promise I will try to post things with at least a little thought put into them, so as not to waste precious space that could be used by others to share their drunken one night stand confessions or political angst. Until next time!


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